System Features

Reduced handling costs at warehouse

Automate receiving, shelving operations, picking and shipping.

It improves the reliability and visibility in your logistics and supply chain.

The system provides the following:

  • Streamline shipping and receiving processes.

  • Verify the the carrier, dock door and final destination of the products.

  • Confirm all individual items including custom orders

  • Expedite all orders

  • Alert all customers and staff during any delay or mis-shipments

  • Trigger automated inventory replenishment during low stock

  • Release rush orders after comparing the order number and other special instructions

System Applications

  • Incoming/ outgoing data integration, order verification with existing ERP/MRP systems
  • Tracking order right from departure until destination point
  • Advance shipping notice automation along with RFID
  • Track all delivery vehicles having RFID

System Benefits

  • 100% automated order tracking
  • Reliable receipts and shipment confirmation
  • Reduced rate of errors in addition to expensive correction processes
  • Reduces handling, administrative and shipping costs
  • Less shrinkage rate