System Features

Reduce risks of lost or misplaced returnable transport units (RTU) with Litum RFID tracking systems.

Decrease transport asset inventory time

Attain a real-time transport asset inventory

Eliminate unexpected losses and unnecessary purchases

Prevent shipping delays

Cairos RFID returnable asset tracking system keeps an eye on your transport assets by tracking multiple identifying factors, such as the location, department, cost center, maintenance schedule, or person they’re assigned to. Unlike other products of its kind, our asset tracking RFID system can keep track of several locations at the same time, allowing it to spot missing assets instantaneously. We use web-based RFID asset tracking software that integrates with SAP and other preexistent systems.

The system provides

  • Visibility of returnable transport items such as pallets, crates, metal boxes, and kegs during the transport process and at any time

  • Current unreturned assets from the supply chain

  • Duration of time at each stage of the supply chain

  • Automatical counting of outgoing and incoming items

  • Maintenance, cleaning, and repair status of returnable transport units

System Applications

  • Returnable packaging tracking
  • Transport unit tracking
  • Pallet tracking
  • Container tracking
  • RTU cleaning and maintenance management

System Benefits

  • Identifies returnable packaging and transport items throughout the supply chain
  • Reduces asset losses
  • Improves utilization and ROI
  • Reduces the number of units required to purchase