As the famous saying goes, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Collect data from every area of operations – from lighting levels, HVAC, signage, to fire arrangements – in your facility network, regardless of manufacturer, and get the visibility you need on humidity, temperature, pressure, airflow, fluid or water leaks, smoke, and much more. Softweb Smart Facility Monitoring solution helps you to improve occupant experiences, reduce operational costs, and enhance preventive maintenance planning using real-time and historical data with AI capabilities.


Alarm and notification

Sends detailed alarm descriptions and correction instructions to facility managers and repair technicians.

Remote operation

Remote operation of your site devices eliminates the need for site visits and increases your assets up-time.

Low power / long life

Softweb’s sensors feature industry-leading power management, allowing sensors to last for up to 3-5 years depending on the environmental conditions.

Predictive maintenance

Identify issues before they become more significant problems.


How do I know if facility monitoring is a worth solution for my organization?

Set out the key improvements that you look to achieve, and put some numbers on the financial and operational benefits that they might bring. Then, we together will put together a business case which will include KPIs for each service and a detailed projection of ROI.

What can IoT and AI bring to you as a facility manager?

Keeping the tenants happy is the primary interest of any facility manager. To make this happen, you might have many subcontractors working together with you. From time to time, the communication between you and them may become challenging. Imagine that you have one view between you and your subcontractors, where you could send messages and cases to them and they could report back in. In fact, with IoT and AI, you, the tenant, and the building owner can discuss the actual data on how occupant-centric operating practices can be adopted and still operate facilities efficiently in a cost-effective manner. All this and so many more things like anomaly detection, automated reporting, remote operation, and predictive maintenance can be achieved with a smart facility monitoring solution.

How do priorities assigned to various facilities monitoring work?

Alerts assign in the following four categories:

Emergency: Includes those problems which need your attention instantly and equipment need to be repaired as early as possible. In this case, AI and machine learning capabilities also match the skills required to correct faults with those of technicians currently available on duty and automatically generate work orders.

High: Includes those problems which can cause escalating damage to your facilities or which can ruin your departmental functioning.

Deadline: Includes those problems which are supposed to be handled within specific time frames.

Routine: Includes requests for routine maintenance which directly impact occupant comfort. You can prioritize these tasks based on the chargeable requests you receive.

How can IoT and AI-based facility monitoring solution be cost-effective?

IoT and AI give profound insights over facilities and help you to realize many benefits. Through better predictability, facilities managers can reduce overall facilities spend. If something does go wrong, AI enables automated reporting and creation of work orders. AI and IoT integrate with more systems and increase potential savings. Overall, AI and IoT together enhance occupant experiences, reduce operational costs, and intensify preventive maintenance planning.

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