System Features

Efficiency and economy in Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI), Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR), Gate Automation, Truck Management and many other access control applications using ISO 18000-6C UHF RFID technology.

Cairos Automatic Vehicle Identification Systems

  • It lets you use the universal RFID technology (ISO 18000 UHF)

  • It lets you identify vehicles having ANPR license plate recognition that comes with diverse OCR capabilities

  • The system lets you integrate using existing infrastructures which includes vehicle classification system, back office software and land controller software

System Applications

  • Electronic toll collection using RFID
  • Electronic vehicle registration using RFID
  • Truck management
  • Gate automation
  • Mandatory enforcement of emissions and insurance using RFID
  • Monitoring the traffic using RFID
  • Vehicle access control applications using RFID
  • Applications of car service
  • Applications of dock door using RFID
  • Weighing automation/truck scaling using RFID
  • Tracking of ground support equipment using RFID

System Benefits

  • Significant savings on cost
  • Reduced human errors and therefore improved level of accuracy
  • Increased revenue collection
  • Improved level of security