Electric power distribution is an integral part of electrical system. It mainly focuses on power distribution to end user. Most of them on radio topology with generation located in remote areas which are far from end users. The transmission and distribution system mostly fails to provide real time data monitoring to the service provider, operator and end user. Smart monitoring using IoT allows utilities to control electric usage. It is an intelligent system by which suppliers can increase overall efficiency, stability and make distribution in more appropriate way.

IoT is a communication network with the objective for connecting, exchanging and communicating all kind of sensing information devices with the internet which uses radio frequency identification, global positioning, infrared sensors and various other sensors through secure gateway. By using IoT one can achieve intelligent monitoring, managing, tracking, positioning, identification and tracking some particular system. IoT also helps in maintaining of assets such as power transformer, distribution transforming by collecting vital data using sensors and predicting the health of assets.

  • Power Transformer
  • Distribution Transformer
  • Unmanned Power Station
  • Cable Fault Detection


  • Power Transformer Monitoring Unit
  • Distribution Transformer Monitoring Unit
  • Point Machine Monitoring Unit
  • MACLS Monitoring Unit
  • Track Circuit Monitoring Unit
  • Battery Bank Monitoring Unit
  • Battery Charger Monitoring Unit
  • Automatic Pump Controller
  • Pump/Motor Health Monitoring Unit
  • Diesel Generator Monitoring Unit
  • OFC and Cable Insulation Monitoring Unit
  • Current and Voltage Monitoring Unit
  • Temperature and Humidity Monitoring unit
  • Heavy Machine Health Monitoring Unit

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