System Features

Now you can easily locate all files and documents without the fear of losing a file ever again. Moreover, you can also retrieve any mislocated or lost item. One can also classify documents by type, track the history, and automate check in/ checkout. Additionally, the files can also be protected against any unauthorized removal.

With the help of File Tracking System and JARS RFID Document, companies have benefitted hugely. They are reducing manhours and are hence saving time. Manual processes of check-in and check-out take up the precious time of an employee at work. Documents are easily moved throughout a building and hence it is extremely easy to lose them. With the help of the innovative technology, personnel can easily locate documents while monitoring movement with the help of automated RFID tracking system.

Improved auditing and security for business

The document tracking system has reduced the potential for misplaced or lost documents as a result of improper handling, theft or casualty. The system also helps companies to locate the documents as nad when they are checked out of archives.

Businesses can successfully track the history of document movements that has taken place long abck in the past.

Geo fences can be created on a single floor or around a building with the help of RFID readers provided by JARS Services. Whenever an RFID is detected at the gate, an automatic alert is immediately sent to the designated personnel. It will allow businesses to know when a document gets removed from the building without prior permission.

The system provides

  • Classifying each document by type (legal file, product catalog, contract and others)

  • Controlling removal and managing from certain locations and trigger alarms of any unauthorized attempt

  • Locates individual document and file from archives

  • To monitor document history and traffic

  • Automated desks for the purpose of document check-in and checkout

  • Access management and credential in order to handle certain documents

  • Flexible integration with the existing systems that includes systems of digital document management

System Applications

  • Document Tracking using RFID
  • File Tracking with RFID
  • Document Management using RFID
  • Document and file security using RFID

System Benefits

  • 85% reduction in the audit time of document
  • Automated operations of check-in and checkout that eliminates manual labor
  • Reduced lost or misplaced files
  • Simple reconciliation of any missing item
  • Providing high security to all classified documents