What Is BLE Beacon Technology?

Bluetooth beacons are a lot similar to the technology that we have on our cell phones or any other device that is Bluetooth enabled. The beacons make use of short-link radio transmissions that efficiently sends information without any paired connection. This facilitates faster information transmission, allowing companies to set up location-based triggers. The beacons can be easily incorporated into existing wireless networks while used with cellphones for the purpose of tracking.

How RTLS Tracks People Like an Indoor GPS System?

The Jars Real-Time Staff Locating system makes use of active UWB Radio Frequency Identification along with Bluetooth Low Energy beacon technology that tracks ID badges provided to personnel. The badges are rechargeable and are equipped with features like motion sensors and panic buttons. The technicians install receivers all around your work area that tracks the movements of badges. The receivers are generally placed around the business in strategic spots that includes workstations, entryways and exits, workstations, breakrooms, hallways, high-risk areas of work, parking lots.

With the completion of RFID Employee Tracking System, an invisible indoor GPS system is created that efficiently tracks the location of a person within a meter. The receivers transmit the information that us collected to the RTLS software. The data is interpreted by the software and then displayed in a visual medium and saved for future analysis. The tracking software can be easily accessed from a computer device, as it is web based. It can be utilized for monitoring the movements on an employee in real-time.

How is data displayed?

JARS successfully display the badge location on the map of your business as an overlay with the help of employee tracking software and personnel tracking system. Each badge represents a moving dot that has some basic information above that includes employee’s name, ID number. The users thus can check the location of personnel and the direction they are heading.

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