Employee tracking software

The software is an user friendly software that allows all companied to have complete visibility and control of the tracking system. You can do the following things with the help of the software:

  • Build Geofences
  • Set automated alerts
  • Add or edit information of badge
  • Track total employee hours
  • Create reports
  • Supplement the systems of access control

The RTLS can be tied with the existing security system and personnel attendance for additional simplification of the crucial services. The active badges act as substitute for the traditional existing ID cards. Personnel do not need to present a card at the gate anymore. The RFID inlays can be embedded in badges, which will ping receivers at the locations as and when an employee pass by them. This acts as verification for the existing access control systems.

How do RTLS and RFID Personnel tracking system replace time attendance?

  • Create geo-fences and send automatic alerts in case of violations
  • Enforce company-specific business rules
  • Monitor lone worker activity and get help fast in cases of emergency
  • Record history of people movements in and around your facility
  • Save in overpaid time, business losses, theft, accidents

Improved safety and security

When any issue takes place on the job, the RFID employee tracking system can be used in order to go back to a certain point that traces movements of personnel. Improved traceability and visibility is ideal for the manufacturing industry where it is essential to have in-depth knowledge about the manufacturing industry.

Geo-Fencing Sensitive Areas

The technicians of Jars iOT may incorporate the personal tracker in the security systems by the creation of geo-fences with receivers. The invisible perimeters monitor for any visitors or staff going and coming out of any specific area. Our software has been configured that trigger alerts in the following situations.

  • When people pass through without any badge
  • When people enter with the wrong kind of badge.
  • When somebody tries to remove vehicles or equipment

This aids in improving security, thereby cuts costs through monitoring of movement in an out of an area without having the need to pay for security personnel or more locks.

In Case of Emergency

The hour of emergency is the crucial one when no casualty can be recorded. The technology helps you to know where each of your staff members is residing in the building. This can help in saving lives during crisis. Work places such as factories, hospitals and mining companies are able to identify the employees reaching the designated emergency points. This will help in determining who could stay inside the premises even after evacuation.

Badges that comprise of motion sensors send out signals automatically which can monitor the condition of lone workers in critical locations. When the employee stops moving, the system sends automatic alert requesting help from staff.

No matter what your facility’s size is or how you currently operate, our real-time staff tracking solution can help improve workflow and safety.

Protecting personnel and cutting costs with RTLS

The entire scenario of personnel tracking system has evolved far beyond what it was earlier. It is no longer based on just the monitoring of employee movements but is much more. JARS IoT’s RLTS software is designed to be easily integrated into time attendance and security systems. This will enable seaports and airports to efficiently keep track of all sensitive areas that are entered. Patient movements can be monitored in hospitals and patients can alert the nearest staff assistants for help. Construction companies, mining companies and manufacturing facilities utilize our RTLS for searching missing employees during emergency. The system can benefit large companies from paying a fortune in times of loss, theft or accident.