System Features

The system safeguards and locates all medical assets

You can now monitor patients and staff with the help of real-time location information. This integrated system also allows preventing abductions or infant-mother mismatches. Now reduce emergency response time while giving the patients and families peace of mind.

Jars RFID system aid in improving workflow, safety and efficiency in rehabilitation centers, senior care facilities, clinics and hospitals

The system provides

  • Hospital monitoring and asset tracking

  • Management of staff workflow – to monitor the patient’s visiting hours

  • It provides information of real-time location about critical resources.

  • Controls perimeter access of patients with special conditions

  • Matches infant with mother and prevents abduction and mismatches

System Applications

  • Tracks patient and ensures safety
  • Tracks doctors and ensures safety
  • Tracks newborn baby and ensures safety
  • Tracks elderly care center and provides safety
  • Tracks hospital asset
  • Tracks ambulance asset

System Benefits

  • ROI and increased utilization of hospital asset
  • Increased security for newborn babies, patients, nurses and doctors
  • Increased workflow and thereby reduced waiting time
  • Reduced claims and overtime
  • Improved satisfaction and service quality
  • Competitive advantage