What Cairos Iot Does

Cairos IoT offers real-time location tracking solutions - RTLS that have been optimized for industrial environments. We are completely committed to provide operational efficiency and safety.

Our integrated solutions – RTLS and RFID solutions help you to maximize the asset utilization, improve the workflow while maintaining a safer facility.

Our technology can benefit airports, manufacturing facilities and mines, thus our solutions are designed to cater to all.

Who We Are

Cairos IoT is a label owned by JARS Services Private Limited that produces RTLS solutions. An ISO 9001:2015 certified Technology Company; it has been active in providing services to a significant number of customers all over India.

Where We Are

India Office Address:

JARS Services Pvt. Ltd.
DN 24, Matrix Tower, Salt Lake City, Sector V, Kolkata,
West Bengal-700091

JARS Services Pvt.Ltd.
9 1st Floor,Old Court House St,
Lal Dighi,BBD Bagh
West Bengal-700001

UK Office Address :
Wholesale Energy Ltd
71 E Park Rd,
Blackburn BB1 8DW, UK

Please write to info@jarsservices.com/sales@jarsservices.com

Tel: +91 33 46010047 / +91 9582964545/ Toll Free: 08000096241

Our Tech at a Glance

Cairos IoT products combine Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) to make regular working assets like equipment, tools and personnel way more smarter and impactful for daily business operations.