Manufacturing RFID System Features

Get a transparent view of your entire manufacturing today!

JARS Services deliver improved RFID solutions, which make the manufacturing process a lot smarter. You can effectively monitor each step at the manufacturing Track while successfully verifying finished goods, components and sub-assemblies.

Streamline operations of assembly line.

It effectively prevents all errors in manual assembly procedure.

It improves logistics and material flow

Manufacturing RFID system provides the following:

  • Eliminating manual parts replenishment

  • Eliminating paper-based and manual communication of parts replenishment and work instructions

  • Tracking of work-in-process

  • Material flow monitoring to assembly/production line

  • Verifying all custom orders against manifest

  • Availability of real-time status dashboards for monitoring manufacturing KPI’s

  • Dynamic MPI’s (instructions of process manufacturing) to assembly line operators

System applications of RFID

  • Backwards traceability
  • Tracking of production order
  • Process tracking
  • Verification of BOM with RFID
  • Product-component matching with RFID
  • In-line quality control
  • Operator communication
  • Skill level enforcement for operating specific equipment or machinery
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Inspection management and predictive maintenance with RFID

System Benefits

  • Less operational costs
  • Eliminating hand scanning along with other manual practices
  • Manufacturing Floor with increased visibility
  • Reduced time for information retrieval
  • Flexible personalized products and customized manufacturing
  • Successful prevention of errors
  • Reduced information retrieval time
  • Reduced rework
  • Streamlined material flow to assembly line