System Features

This system enables instant location of anyone and anything having highest accuracy. You can create geo-fences and zones. You can optimize resources, protect most valuable assets and save money with JARS RFID RTLS.

  • You can locate tools, assets and equipment accurately in real time
  • Get transparent inventory in real-time
  • Locate staff for increasing workplace efficiency and safety
  • Prevent assets of high value from any theft, improper relocation or misuse.

System Applications

  • Equipment tracking in real time
  • Tools tracking
  • Tracking of Point of Purchase materials
  • RFID for personnel tracking
  • Healthcare RLTS
  • RFID for airport luggage tracking
  • Product tracking and retail applications

System Benefits

  • Increased visibility with high utilization of critical resources
  • Prevention of theft
  • Increased security and safety
  • Increased location accuracy and availability
  • Improved compliance of regulation
  • Apparel and Retail RFID System