Asset Tracking RFID System

How often do you count your inventory and how accurate do you think it is?

With JARS RFID Asset Tracking System and Software, you can easily reduce cost, effort any error. Our RFID system helps to monitor, maintain and track your equipments, tools and assets with greater efficiency.

JARS RFID asset management system in addition to JARS RFID asset tracking software provides increased visibility along with inventory and counting at your fingertips. Our solution is highly equipped that works with fixed RFID portals and readers in order to improve safety and accuracy in real time.

Additionally, our software successfully keeps you updated with alerts for caliberation, maintenance and misplacement, thus preventing unnecessary procurements.

Our inbuilt RFID asset tagging option system makes the tagging process a lot more efficient and accurate and helps you increase availability, asset utilization and ROI.

RFID Asset Tracking System provides:

  • Asset management with vital details: cost center, location, maintenance, vendor, invoice number, purchase date, cost, insurance, expiration/retirement date

  • Real-time asset inventory

  • Quick inventory (20 times faster counting compared to barcode systems)

  • Identifying misplaced items

  • Identifying assets with overdue maintenance, repair, calibration

  • Document & photo attachments to assets

  • Asset check-in, checkout to a department, employee, location

  • Asset history

  • Interdepartment transfers

  • Compatible with barcode and RFID

  • Seamless operation with mobile and fixed readers

  • Geo-fencing limits asset activity, alerting you when assets leave or move

  • Web-based software that integrates with SAP

  • Pre-designed label templates make printing easy

  • Optional cloud hosting
RFID Asset Tracking System Equipment
  • ATID AT880 & M3 Orange mobile reader
  • Impinj Speedway RFID reader
  • Cairos 11 dBic RFID antenna
  • Durable on-metal tags: Confidex Ironside, Ironside Micro, and Confidex Halo
  • Printable on-metal RFID tags
  • Non-metal RFID tags
  • IT asset tags: Confidex Steelwave Micro, OmniID IQ 150
  • RFID/ Barcode Printer: Zebra ZT400 series
RFID Asset Management System Applications
  • Returnable transport asset tracking
  • IT asset tracking
  • Retail asset tracking
  • Tools tracking
  • Airport asset tracking
  • Bank asset tracking
  • Manufacturing equipment tracking
  • Furniture tracking
  • Office asset tracking
  • Hospital asset and medical equipment tracking

RFID Asset Management System Applications

  • 90% reduction in inventory time compared to manual processes
  • Improved ROI
  • Automated inventory control: improving asset location and inventory accuracy
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Improved safety: preventing loss & unauthorized asset movements
  • Streamlined internal auditing and reporting
  • Improved asset utilization and availablity