System Features

Jars Services simplifies the entire process of apparel and retail management by providing end-to-end solutions for tracking, counting and shipping goods from the warehouse. It efficiently controls goods in every single step right from the beginning until the end. RFID system is beneficial for handling store inventory for increased efficiency, security and visibility.

The system provides the following:

  • Track items right from production/supplier until the point of sale

  • Real-time alerts and notifications on items leaving store without payment

  • Monitor the in-store inventory

  • Monitor the location of products stored inside the store

  • Receiving, cycle counting and shipping applications

  • Verify all the items in mixed product shipping pallets and boxes
  • Provide real-time notification of all out-of-stock items

  • Product replenishment

System Applications

  • Receiving, shipping and order verification
  • Management of store inventory and cycle counting
  • Product replenishment
  • Store security

System Benefits

  • Increase in sales as a result of product availability on shelf
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Reduced errors in inventory
  • Reduced cost of manual labor
  • Improved security
  • Implement quick check-out processes that facilitates reduced waiting lines