System Features

Maintain access control of the vehicles entering your property, by identifying, recognizing and admitting vehicles automatically. Cairos's RFID parking management lets you control entrance and exit rights for vehicles with all of the settings you desire for optimum security and efficiency.

The system provides

  • Manage and enforce parking permit details such as access rights, expiration dates, number of vehicles allowed per residence, and time intervals allowed for parking

  • Guest vehicle management

  • Adjustable reading range from 2 m to 20 m

  • Integrated plug-and-play system for simple installation

  • Stand alone operation that eliminates requirements of network connection and server

  • Integration with peripheral devices including signals, lights, and sirens

  • Installation wizard that simplifies gate configuration, RFID settings and patron list management

System Applications

  • Residential parking management with RFID
  • Commercial parking management with RFID
  • Parking lot management with RFID
  • Shopping mall parking management with RFID

System Benefits

  • Improves parking capacity utilization
  • Improves revenue collection
  • Prevents unauthorized access and human intervention
  • Streamlines parking entry and exit
  • Eliminates waiting lines and time spent reaching to card readers
  • Saves time and frustration
  • Improves customer satisfaction