Personnel Safety RFID System Features

JARS RFID successfully delivers safety of lone worker, prevention of forklift collision, personnel protection systems and people tracking.

Our integrated safety systems are beneficial for any workplace that requires highly sensitive personnel tracking, locating and monitoring accuracy. The RFID system helps in locating workers swiftly without any hassle during times of emergency without any dependency on WiFi or any other network connection. When you monitor individuals entering hazardous areas, it lets you maintain completely strict and safety guidelines for visitors and staff.

The system provides the following:

  • Wearable badge tags come along with assist function. Motion sensor is the one in all solution providing access control.

  • It precisely helps to locate workers with a particular facility in times of emergency and offer help faster

  • It ensures that only qualifies people enter the hazardous areas of the facility.

  • Generate all automated alerts during any operator inactivity

  • You can manage the emergency assembly points while identifying a missing employee

Personnel Safety RFID System Applications

  • Safety of staffs during manufacturing process
  • Personnel safety at the mines
  • Emergency management at assembly point
  • Smart access control management with 24/7 monitoring capability

Personnel Safety RFID System Benefits

  • Reduces accidents
  • Improved handling during emergencies
  • Maintains a safe workplace